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This organization is a children mentorship and leadership program dedicated to transforming each child at a time.Our organization was founded in 2019 to positively impact vulnerable children between 5 years to 19 years residing in Dandora phase 2,Nairobi-Kenya.

We offer a variety of preventative programs and enrichment activities like peer leadership training programs,Talent nurturing programs,Informative/career workshops,family enrichment activities,community outreach projects,Educational field trips and after school programs.

Vision statement

Commitment to work with the community to empower and encourage vulnerable children to achieve success in life and help them develop a greater sense of belonging as productive members of the society.

Mission statement

To reach out to vulnerable children and to provide them with strong and enduring positive role models and mentoring relationships in a supportive space.


Enriching young minds for future success

Core values
⁃ Honesty at all times
⁃ Hard work
⁃ Love for all
⁃ Respect for self and each other
⁃ Accountability


⁃ General Discipline observed in our Karate club
⁃ Poetry and music/Dance club
⁃ Literacy skills improved among our kids
⁃ Environment conservation through monthly cleaning and planting flowers.
⁃ Introduction to Stem and open ended arts activities.
⁃ Improved problem solving skills through our Educational games like cards,scrabble and chess.
⁃ Self confidence and strong character improved through our public speaking training and constant affirmations.
⁃ Covid-19 awareness and sensitization through the use of posters
⁃ Distribution of masks to children
⁃ Establishment of a kid’s lounge/garden

Strategic plan

Community-impact objectives:—
⁃ Embrace and advance the organization’s mission,vision, and core values.
⁃ To reach out to 2000 children in 5 years
⁃ To get a permanent spacious address location for our organization.
⁃ Set up a library and a resource center. ⁃ Hold a monthly books fair.
⁃ Have a career fair twice a year.
⁃ Ensure that each child has our official T-shirt/uniform
⁃ Lias with similar organization and key stakeholders to hold end of year children’s festival in Dandora to showcase different talents in our community.
⁃ Organizing Educational trips to colleges and universities for our kids to give them a different outlook.
⁃ Establishing a professional choir and purchasing music instruments
⁃ Having our official kick ball team,handball team and tennis team.

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